David Knight Hypnosis Testimonials

David Knight Hypnosis has been empowering people around the world for over 30 years and all courses and products have an excellent track record of success. We have received thousands of testimonials over the years and below are just a few.

A massive thank you to all those who have told us about their life changing success.

David Knight Hypnosis Course Testimonials

"Making the decision to take the Success Mastery course is a big step but it's the right direction. I was nervous on the first few zoom conference calls, not really knowing what was going to happen, what I was going to uncover about myself. David takes you by the hand and guides you through the modules and you then find yourself easing into it and the strength starts to appear. Finally you feel your brain clicking into place. It's a safe environment, which is perfect for growth. David oozes with kindness, leadership and strength and is the perfect teacher to gently guide you to the person you have always wanted to be, the person who has always been there but you just couldn't find your way in the dark, well David is holding the light… now walk towards that sunshine and the new life waiting to be discovered" Tracey - UK

"Thank you David so much for helping me through achieving all my goals, you've taught me so much. Your coaching is amazing and I couldn't have wished for anything more. I am so grateful I was able to do this, I am now planing, creating, doing and achieving. It makes me feel alive. The sun comes up, now I win the morning and I am ready for success." Gill - UK

"The Health Mastery Course is well written and easy to understand. Discovering my saboteurs really gave me valuable insights into my mind and what I actually do. The fun now is not only changing what I do but also trying to understand the people I talk to. I wish I had this information years ago as I know my position now would be a lot different. I have a renewed interest in life and eager to follow your future programs. I have already used some of your hypnosis audio with good results in health, stress, pain and worry. I would highly recommend this course to anyone who wishes to understand hypnosis and improve their life. Make time for the program, it will change your life." - Chris UK

"David is a very kind and compassionate person, who's aim in life is to help people to enjoy a happier and healthier lifestyle. He is extremely professional and has a wealth of knowledge that he is generously sharing with all who contact him.I strongly urge people to get in touch with him and start the journey of a new and better life." - Daphne UK

"In the Success Mastery program I've really loved the exploration of the communication with the subconscious to reprogram the way it responds to our goals using hypnosis, breaking those engrained barriers in order to pursue and achieve greater goals." - Helen - UK

"David, we find that after reading just program one of The Mind Persuader and listening to the downloads, it is teaching us a new way of understanding our minds, that our minds are so much more. With your techniques this program is the key to unlock our minds. The relaxation of the music, voice and delivery system is amazing. We are looking forwards to seeing where you are going to take us in this new journey of our life, Cheers" - Joyce - USA

"I have just completed the Health Mastery Course with David Knight. After you have completed the course you will look at life in a different way. Whatever your goal is in life this course will help you stretch out and reach it. Over the last 2 years I have used David Knights Hypnosis Audios and I would highly recommend you taking time to plan what you want from life, more money, retire early or better health. This course is for you, only you can change your destination in life, change your mind set and you can achieve anything." - Graham - UK

"The course assignments really open your mind to opportunities in your life and finding new and exciting ways to achieve them. David Knight is always there with first class support to questions. The course will help people define and develop their lives and goals and I cannot recommend this course highly enough, Im looking forwards to the future." Lee - UK

"David Knight's support through this Hypnosis Health Mastery Program is nothing less than amazing. I have broken my stress, improved my health found myself in a much happier place to live. I feel incredible. The support was more than I could have ever asked for and I highly recommend the program to everyone. I am simply enjoying life again. Thank you." - Sandy - USA

"The Hypnosis Circle Membership Program is simply life changing. Each month a new hypnosis audio and workbook just blasts me to whole new level of inner self confidence. This really life changing and I can't thank you enough." - Michelle UK

"The Mind Persuader is truly a life changing program, the e-book is fascinating and I just love the audio but for me it was the first step on a remarkable journey into the world of hypnosis. I just wish I had found this program years ago. This really is the Mind Instruction Manual you should have been born with. The 4 Hypnosis Breakout Sessions have just been beyond my expectations! Thank you David Knight for this remarkable mind program." - David

"I really enjoyed the Health Mastery course, it gave me the drive and motivation I needed to move forwards. To say the course is a starter it gets straight to the point and is pure genius and it gives a powerful kick to the program. The course is like no other and comes with support from David Knight Hypnosis Life Coach and his team of Mentors to help rocket you through self limiting beliefs to success. Thank you David Knight for this amazing opportunity because it's the best change I have ever made." - Gillian

"The support I have received from David Knight has simply been first class. Im loving these courses and I'm loving creating my own future." Chris - UK

I met David Knight on a cruise a couple of years ago. Since then I have really taken to the idea of Hypnosis. I was a little unsure at the time as I didn't really know what I was letting myself in for but I've learned so much since I recently embarked on the "Hypnosis Mind Mastery" Course. This has helped me prepare to make changes. You go places you with choose to forget or didn't realise were there but most surprisingly places that really hold you back. David invites us to join him on a weekly "Hypnosis Mindset" Zoom and he explains how we can make changes should we want, big or small. Ive been using the weight loss audio and found it has helped me so much. Ive battled with my weight for years. Yo-yo dieting getting great results but always go back to the way I was around food. I always knew it was in my head where the problem really was and I just didn't know how to change things. Will power only lasted a short while. David has helped me see that I need to go deeper. It's no quick fix for long term gain but it is very powerful. Im understanding things now that I never understood before. I still have places to go but I think I always will but the knowledge I'm gaining is helping me deal with that instead of hiding from it. Thank you David Knight for becoming a very important person in my life. You are a very kind hearted and generous, empathetic human who I have had the privilege to meet. We are working together now and I know we will work together in the future. If you are reading this and wondering if to look into it I really would say yes. What have you got to lose. It could be just what you need and at the very least you will learn all about relaxation and we all need a bit of that, especially now." Wendy Landels - UK

"Since I started this my life has changed completely, all for the better. I wake up with a smile on my face ready and optimistic for the day ahead." - Lynne

"I had many days where I was so over being here in my business and I could have closed the door and walked away… So my success from the program is that I have managed to find my happy place within. Listening to the Hypnosis audios have really given me the key. I can honestly say that this little program has packed one powerful punch for me. Everyday I listened to the same program several times then switched to the next one. I could literally feel myself shifting consciousness. I have found something to be passionate about, something I struggled with before, I have several things that juice me up but this one has popped out of the sidelines and scooped me up! " - Mandy - Australia

"Sometime you come across something that changes your life and this was one of those moments. The ebook and audio is just enlightening but then the Facebook support group is just wonderful. Each Month David Knight runs a Video Conference Zoom and it's just so much fun but just so fascinating. I highly recommend this program to anyone who wants to build a better future. Thank you David Knight." - Calum

"Wow, just wow! I started on the free Hypnosis Circle 28 Day Challenge and saw an incredible opportunity right away. I can't believe how much I have progressed in just a few short months. No more anxiety and stress and now a focus on a positive future. This is truly remarkable and incredible value for
. Money. Highly Recommended! Thank you David." - Mark S

"The support I have received from David Knight has simply been first class. Im loving these courses and I'm loving creating my own future." Christopher - UK

"Thank you for introducing me to the Hypnosis Law of Attraction course. I know I must have seemed a little sceptical at first, but believe me any scepticism I once had has now gone forever. I now practice my attraction Mind Codes on a daily basis and although it only takes a matter of minutes, the rewards are incredible. I have already had several successes I could never have dreamed of getting prior to doing this course. My life is now so positive in every aspect, my health, my business, long term prospects, not just for me but for my family as well." - Warmest Regards, Beverley and Family

"The Mind Persuader is truly a life changing program, the e-book is fascinating and I just love the audio but for me it was the first step on a remarkable journey into the world of hypnosis. I just wish I had found this program years ago. This really is the Mind Instruction Manual you should have been born with. Thank you David Knight for this remarkable mind program." - David

David Knight Hypnosis Product Testimonials

"I wanted to give you some feedback on your Perfect Health Audio. Over the last 2 months I have used the Perfect Health audio on a daily basis. Some changes I have made include: I now get 6 to 8 hours sleep very night up from 2-3 hours. I have had dermatitis on a large area of my left leg for 4 years and that's now completely healed. I have had 2 tumours, one on my finger and a large one on my knee, both benign so Doctors said to leave it alone as after previous surgery the tumour grew back in my knee. The size of the tumour in my knees reduced by 90% and the one in my finger is gone. Bottom line, my husband and friends can see a big difference in me, all for the better. Thank you David Knight" - Marie Kingham

“I cannot believe how powerful the break addictions audio was. I wanted to make changes in my life but was surprised how easy and fast the audio helped me make the change. Within a month my addiction was broken and my life had changed. remarkable. Thank you.” Paula.

"I have already used some of your hypnosis audio with good results in health, stress, pain and worry. I would highly recommend these audios to anyone who wishes to understand hypnosis and improve their life. Make time for the audios and they will change your life." Chris - UK

“I knew that I was drinking too much and simply needed to cut down fast. The download was effective and I have now been with a drink for over three years! I wake in a morning feeling wonderful and I look forwards to the day ahead. I have have used several of your hypnosis downloads and they really have changed my life around and I would highly recommend them to all my friends. Thank you so much.” Jayne.

“I felt I just had to write to tell you how successful the biting nails CD has been. After being a constant chewer of my nails for the past 30+ years, I had come to despair at never being able to stop. I used the usual methods of painting awful tasting stuff on them (but got used to the bad taste,) as well as getting everyone to shout at me whenever they caught me biting my nails. I started using the CD just before going to bed on a night time. I must admit, after the first listen, I didn’t believe that the program was half an hour in length because I only remembered the first 5 minutes or so before it had finished. After timing it the next night it became apparent that I was drifting off somewhere. I would always wake up at the end though. Anyway a week and a half later and I have completely stopped biting, the nails are already the longest they have ever been in my life and I have no urge whatsoever to have a good chew. So there you are… It works… But you knew that already. So many thanks for breaking my habit.” Simon

“I found the attract health hypnosis download very relaxing indeed to listen to. I soon found it became an important part of my day where I would relax and take time out. Results came very fast as I found I could calm my busy mind and give my body time to repair. Since day one of using the hypnosis health program my health has gradually become better. As my body heals the pain seems to leave me and a new life begins again. I really didn’t expect the effects of the hypnosis to be so powerful but I found I had to write to you to say thank you of creating this remarkable hypnosis product. It's just wonderful!!” Michael.

“Thank you, thank you, thank you!!! I have only been using your sleep hypnosis download for a few days and already I have not slept so well for years! I cannot believe the amazing results. I wish I had found you years ago. I cannot recommend this sleep well product enough, it’s fantastic.” Angela.

“I have been attracting negative thoughts for some time and so attracting negative people and feelings into my life. That’s all changed thanks to your attract love hypnosis download. Now I find I am attracting kind and loving people into all areas of my life. The law of attraction is amazing and I thank you so much for this attract love program.” Pauline.

“Within a month of using the hypnosis download my psoriasis was beginning to ease. It just seemed to get easier everyday. The download is so nice to listen too, it relaxes me completely and breaks all my stress. After many years of using psoriasis creams its just wonderful to finally find something that works so well. Thank you.” Mandy.

“This hypnosis MP3 really does help you motivate yourself and create a positive state of mind. Thinks success and attract success. Along with the audio I joined the Hypnosis Self Empowerment Program and I am amazed by what can be achieved when you create a positive mindset. Thank you so much for creating these wonderful programs.” Geoff.

“I understood that hypnosis was well known for beating pain but my results were just remarkable. I had used hypnosis before but this hypnosis audio download was just so powerful. Life changing! Thank you so much David Knight. I highly recommend your products and your support is first class.” Sarah.

“I wasn’t really sure about the law of attraction for attracting wealth but I thought I would give it a try. I was completely amazed by the results. I'm still not sure how this works but I know that with a powerful focused state of mind, wealth will flow your way. What a great product. I look forwards to purchasing many more from you.” Dave.

“The perfect health program is so wonderful to listen too. I believe that the state of my mind will directly affect my health. I use the audio each night as I go to sleep. I sleep well knowing that my mind is doing all that it can to help my body stay in perfect health and condition. I love it! This is perhaps the most important purchase I have ever made in my life. I just could not be without it. Thank you so much.” Simone.

“I had struggled for years with my weight. Always eating unhealthy foods. The Hypnosis MP3 really helped me to get my mind back into eating the right foods. It stopped me snaking and eating junk food. I have lost many pounds of weight but just as importantly my energy levels are much higher and my self esteem has never been stronger!” Sue.

“I suffer quite badly with sea sickness but have found that since using the sea sickness treatment I am feeling much better and more confident about future cruising.” Sheila.

“Wow! I knew hypnosis had proven results in helping obesity but having tried every diet available today I didn’t really expect too much! I am now 56 pounds lighter and feeling amazing! Thank you for this great hypnosis weight loss program it really does prove how to lose weight fast and easy.” Sue.

“I have suffered with Irritable Bowel Syndrome for years. Many years of doctors consultations have not been able to give much information or help. A friend recommended hypnosis and although I was skeptical I thought I would give it a try. The best decision ever! I feel much better and much more confident to get out and on with my life. A complete life change and I cannot thank you enough.” Paula.

“Well I am not really sure how this worked but it did! I would suffer really bad from May to July. My eyes would be so painful and I would find it hard to breathe. I wasn’t sure about hypnosis working but medication just made me feel so drowsy and it was like putting my life on hold for a couple of months. I have been using the hypnosis mp3 download on and off for a couple of years now. each year my symptoms just get easier and easier. Now I am able to get on with my life and although my eyes and nose itch a little I think I am about 90% free from hay fever. I highly recommend others try this audio as it really has changed my life. I will use the download again this year and hopefully I will be cured completely!” David.

“I wanted to write to offer my support to your Tinnitus audio program. When you listen to the audio product the Tinnitus seems worse as you are more focused on it. However I have been using the program for a few weeks now and I must admit I am amazed at how much better my Tinnitus is. Wonderful.” Michael.

“I had to write to say a massive thank you for all your support and a health and nutrition program that is simply life changing. During 2016 I lost a massive 84lb of fat! My body fat percentage went down from 32.5 % to just 23%. I lost over 7.5 litres of Visceral Fat and my metabolic age went down from 57 to just 39 adding and estimated 18 years onto my life! My energy levels are high and I am fitter and healthier than I have been for a long time! I'm looking forwards to continuing the program into 2017 and aim to lose a further 42lb and tone my body up. This system is nothing less than life changing.” Darren

“Wow!! Just Wow!! This memory technique is wonderful to use and so powerful. I use the technique daily now and it allows me to remember things much easier. It also allows me to go back into my youth and remember events from the past. It’s like finding lost memories and lost life from the past. Not only do you remember the events but you see them so clearly and you even feel the emotions. How clever! Such a wonderful tool.” Tom.

"As an International Glamour Model my looks and breast size are very important to me. After following the British Hypnosis Breast Enlargement CDs for less than 1 month, I have already increased my breast size by 1 cup. I have also noticed that my breasts are firmer. I look forwards to continuing with the program and I am completely confident that the enlargement will continue.
Thank you so much!" - Camilla.

“From one extreme to another! I had a complete fear of flying and now thanks to hypnosis I have my own pilots licence.” Steve.

“Spooky! Very, very spooky! Although I am not a big believer in past lives I thought I would try this hypnosis download just to see what happened. Well, the first time I used it, thoughts came into my mind. They seemed very real and very clear and also relevant to me and my life today. I had to write to you because the use of the download allowed me to remove a couple of mental blocks that I had towards life and in some therapeutic way this has helped me move forwards in life. The whole experience for me was very beneficial. I never expected anything from the hypnosis download but I am so impressed I know that people who believe in Past Lives will just love this product. Excellent! David.

“I suffered with an extreme fear of water. Taking a bath was impossible and even the thoughts of showering would make me panic. Washing my hair was just a terrifying experience. Thanks to David Knight and the power of hypnosis my life has changed! Showers and baths are an enjoyable experience and my last holiday was the best ever but it was hard to get me out of the swimming pool! How amazing! ” Patricia.

“This little audio program is amazing. It takes a little effort and time to learn and understand hypnosis but your audio and support emails made it all much simpler. Thank you for the product and thank you for your support system.” Bev.

“I had to let you know that I am still not smoking after listening to your hypnosis tape over 25 years ago for £10! It changed my life at the time and I cannot imagine how it has helped my health over the past 25 years. I do know that your little tape has saved me thousands of pounds!!!! Wonderful!!” Ian.

“I had to write to say a massive thank you for all your support and a health and nutrition program that is simply life changing. During 2016 I lost a massive 84lb of fat! My body fat percentage went down from 32.5 % to just 23%. I lost over 7.5 litres of Visceral Fat and my metabolic age went down from 57 to just 39 adding and estimated 18 years onto my life! My energy levels are high and I am fitter and healthier than I have been for a long time! I'm looking forwards to continuing the program into 2017 and aim to lose a further 42lb and tone my body up. This system is nothing less than life changing.” Darren

“The Hypnosis Confidence Download really helped me to turn myself around. For a while I had been struggling to get out of the house and doing simple things that people take for granted like popping to the shops became a struggle and I just wanted to stay home. After listening to the hypnosis download just a few times I found it easier to venture out. My self esteem continues to grow today and it is hard to put in words how much this confidence audio has changed my life. Thank you so very much.” Emily.

“The Hypnosis Download for Driving Confidence has really helped me feel more comfortable in my driving skills. The confidence it gives me helps me feel more in control when I am behind the wheel. I hated driving on motorways and especially in the rain but now I feel confident enough to drive safely again. Thank you.” Johnathan.

“Life for me was very stressful and sometimes it can be hard to focus on the positive. Your positive thinking hypnosis CD really helps me get my focus back when negative influences get me down. The mind is a wonderful tool and your mind products really help me break stress and keep focused on what I need to do.” Martin.

“I had an important speech and I was so nervous. Thanks to your hypnosis download I delivered the speech perfectly and with confidence. The speech went so well I actually enjoyed the presentation. Thanks to you my future changed for the better. Your products are completely amazing, thank you.” Paul.

“Sales can be a tough game. When you are in the right frame of mind it feels like you can achieve anything and often you really can! A strong positive frame of mind is vital to your success and the technique I discovered in your hypnosis audio motivates me fast and builds my confidence to expect a sale every time. My sales have increased massively and so has my income!! Thanks a Million!!” Peter.

“I simply lost confidence in myself and my body and I found it difficult to express my feelings sexually to my partner because I just didn’t feel confident in my body. The sexual confidence hypnosis audio download built my self esteem and my new found confidence gave me the confidence I needed. I guess my husband should be the one writing to say thanks!” Sharon.

“Thank you so much for this great sexual confidence hypnosis download. It really has helped change my sex life and helped my relationship with my partner. Thank you.” Mark

“I feel so much more confident in my sexuality thanks to your sexual female hypnosis audio. I was a little sceptical at first as I had never used hypnosis before. I didn’t expect great results but thought for just £8 it had to be worth a try! Oh my goodness! I cannot believe the difference I feel. I am just so much more happy in myself. My self esteem is so high and I feel so sexually motivated. My husband is loving all the attention I give him now and our sex life has never been better. I had to write to you to say thank you and to encourage others to give this product a try. I am now going to be your best customer! I think I will be buying all the downloads on your web site. Thanks for changing my life.” Sandra.

“I just love the technique I discovered on the sports hypnosis audio. It really helps me gain my focus and concentration at all times. My performance has improved massively and continues to improve daily. I would be lost without this technique. It has allowed me to take my performance onto new higher levels of success and to maintain my high performance levels. No words are available for me to express my sincere gratitude to you. You’re the best!” Annette.

“As a golf professional I know the power of keeping a positive attitude on the course. This powerful little golf hypnosis program is perhaps one of the simplest things you can do to make a massive improvement to your golf game. If you are a golfer and not using the power of hypnosis visualisation then you are not playing at the top of your game. You won’t just play better golf or improve your golf swing, with the power of hypnosis you will create the perfect golf swing. Whatever your level of play, you will improve your golf game and have more fun developing your golfing skills.” Bob.

“Thanks David! A nice easy to use Martial Arts technique to help me gain total focus over my power. Just perfect. The more I use this technique the stonier it becomes and I highly recommend your Martial Arts Hypnosis Audio to everyone. Thanks again the results are stunning.” George.

“As a professional I have to maintain a positive mental attitude at all times. I often found it difficult as motivating others would often drain me. Now I simply play this positive mental attitude hypnosis audio and my energy levels are high and I feel that I am ready to conquer the world. Worth its weight in gold. Seize the day! Elisia.

“I have a number of your hypnosis products. I have them on my mobile and it’s like having a mind and body tool kit ready to help me with whatever life throws my way. I realise that stress is once of life worries and so breaking stress is vital for health. This relaxation download allows me to break stress quickly and easily. Thanks so much for such a wonderful product. ” Paula.

“I knew hypnosis could stop my panic attacks but I didn’t realise quite how easy and fast it was. I simply play the panic attacks hypnosis download on my iPad on a night as I drift to sleep. My panic attacks have completely gone. I wish I had used hypnosis sooner and I highly recommend this hypnosis download and the wonderful support offered by David Knight Hypnotist and The British Academy of Hypnosis. Thank you so much, truly life changing.” James.

“I have been using the energy hypnosis download for about 3 weeks now and I can honestly say that from the moment I started using the audio my confidence felt boosted and I appear to have so much more energy. I am not sure when my new found energy comes from but my friends and family have certainly noticed a difference. I wake up feeling more refreshed and I achieve so much more each day.” Christine.

“Having listened to the stop worrying hypnosis download I saw my negative worrying attitude just simply fade away. I didn’t realise how much the worrying was stopping me from achieving things. Now I just don’t worry! I take action and make things happen. I cannot believe how easy it was for me not to worry and this hypnosis download has changed my life. Thanks for this unique hypnosis product.” Michael.

“Breaking stress is so easy with this hypnosis download. Whenever stress builds up on me I just play the relaxation hypnosis audio as I go to sleep at night and in the morning I feel totally refreshed. What an amazing product. I now have over 10 of the downloads on my phone and its my health tool kit! I love them all. Thanks and please keep making more!!!” Carol.

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