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The Hypnosis for Breast Enlargement Testing Procedure

The British Academy of Hypnosis has recently studied the possibility of hypnosis on natural breast enlargements and found startling results with the majority of women receiving remarkable results.

The Journal of Sex Research reports of an interesting experiment in which the power of suggestion was used to increase the bust size of a group of women. Nineteen women were used for the breast increase experiment. The women were divided up into three groups.
1. Phase one control group consisted of three women who received no hypnosis.

2. Phase one experimental group consisted of three women who received hypnosis for bust enlargement once a week for twelve weeks.

3. Phase two group consisted of the remaining thirteen women. These women received no hypnosis for the first three weeks, and then all women received hypnosis once a week for twelve weeks.
The natural breast enlargement results were astounding!

As expected, there was "no change" in the bust size of any of the subjects in the control group. The women in phase two experienced "no change" in their bust size for the first three weeks in which no hypnosis was used.
However, every one of the subjects in the phase two experimental group and all of the women in phase one experienced significant increases in their breast measurements during the twelve weeks of hypnosis. The average increase was almost 2 inches!

The doctor that conducted the experiments said, "Hypnosis for breast growth was effective in stimulating breast growth. Further investigation may show this to be a satisfactory alternative method to surgical breast augmentation." Dr. James Williams.

The concept of using the mind for breast enlargements is not new. In 1974 the first study published by James E. Williams reported breast enlargement through visualisation and hypnosis. Shortly afterwards, R.D. Willard of the Institute of Behaviour and Mind Sciences decided to test these claims. At the end of his 12 week study, 85% had experienced significant enlargement. Women whose breasts had been sagging developed a firm/lifted chest and lopsidedness had been corrected.

New improved techniques in hypnotherapy allow us to guarantee satisfaction. With this simple program, breast enlargement is the focus, but other body imperfections are also addressed. Most participants experience a decrease in waist size, as much as 2.5 inches! Desired breast growth is permanent and lasting.

Reported in Body Beautiful magazine a 32 year old woman says how she went form a 32a to a 32c in a period of six months.

Breast Enhancement CD and .MP3 Audio Information
Play the hypnotic breast enlargement audio program when you can put your feet up, close your eyes and relax. The use of hypnosis and visualisation offers the power to enlarge your breasts quickly and safely without the need for surgery. Breast enlargement hypnosis the affordable solution.

The breast enhancement audio has an 85% success rate with approximately 46% of women achieving an increase of up to 2 UK cup sizes.

Most women will start to make breast enhancement changes in as little as 4 weeks but some women may use the audio a little longer. the longer you use the 4 hypnosis audio programs greater the natural breast enhancement.

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"As an International Glamour Model my looks and breast size are very important to me. After following the British Hypnosis Breast Enlargement CDs for less than 1 month, I have already increased my breast size by 1 cup. I have also noticed that my breasts are firmer. I look forwards to continuing with the program and I am completely confident that the enlargement will continue.
Thank you so much!" - Camilla.

SMARTER Hypnosis
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