Weight Loss Hypnosis Training

Perhaps The Most Powerful Weight Loss Training Course

Online Weight Loss Hypnosis Training

The Hypnosis Mind Band Training Course
This has to be one of the greatest opportunities ever in the world of Hypnosis. Today more and more people are overweight and seriously need help and support to get their eating under control.

The Hypnosis Mind Band is the most powerful weight loss hypnosis programs available and will become a substantial part of your hypnosis business.

The Hypnosis Mind Band
A real gastric band is an extremely difficult decision to make and certainly doesn't come without risks.
The Hypnosis Mind Band offers you a safe, simple and cost effective alternative to the real gastric band.

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The Hypnosis Mind Band Weight Loss Training Course
This hypnosis training program is available for all professionally trained hypnotherapists who would like to become part of the weight loss industry. The course begins with a simple download which you can purchase below and download instantly.

The Hypnosis Mind Band Course Structure Includes:
The gastric hypnosis mind band hypnotherapy scripts
4 Training conference calls with David Knight
A recognised code of conduct
Weight Loss Hypnosis client record cards
Unique client record system
Access to a full nutrition program
Optional membership to the Hypnosis Circle
Monthly training conference meetings with the Hypnosis Circle
Ongoing FaceBook group support for you and your clients

Course Trainer - David Knight - The Worlds Fastest Hypnotist
Train in the safe hands of Master Hypnotist and Trainer David Knight. David Knight is one of the most sought after Hypnotists worldwide. David has performed hypnosis seminars and trainings over 6,000 times around the world, hypnotising over 60,000 people. With over 30 years of experience and with support from The British Academy of Hypnosis this is without question the most professional and powerful hypnosis weight loss training courses worldwide.

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Online Hypnosis Training Support
Our Hypnosis Mind Band training course come with first class training support. Learning quickly and from the comfort of your own home. Online conference training allows you to meet David Knight online with just a couple of clicks of a mouse! Easy and fun!

Weight Loss is Simple:
80% Nutrition - 20% Exercise - 100% Mind Set

The Hypnosis Mind Band Success
The Mind Band business is incredibly successful with David Knight spending 30 years creating this weight loss program. Today we are keen to train Hypnotherapists around the world who would like to work with us on this program. Obesity is a massive problem and we have the tools available to create a mind set of weight loss. When your clients mind is in the right place, weight loss is guaranteed.

The Nutrition Program
Once you have created the mind set for weight loss helping your clients maintain a health and nutrition program is vital. This unique Hypnosis Weight Loss program will give you all the business support you need to be able to offer the required nutritional support to your client to maintain the weight loss for life.

This program is unique to David Knight and The British Academy of Hypnosis. We look forwards to welcoming you onboard shortly.

Complimentary Conference Call with David Knight
This is an incredible business and we are currently looking for Hypnotherapists around the world to join us. If you are interested but would like to have a free and confidential chat with David Knight before you commit please feel free to contact David Knight below and arrange a time to link on our conference training facilities and chat with David face to face without leaving your home!

Order The Weight Loss Hypnosis Training Course Today
Order the course today and download the training manual now.
Normally priced at £396 but now with a £100 saving.

New low price just £296

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