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Your Thoughts Physically Reprogram Your Body!

Do you feel like you could be achieving more in life?
Life is a one off opportunity and there isn't a minute that we should waste. If you feel that there is something holding you back from being the best you then this Hypnosis Program is for you.
It's time to break free and become the best you possible.

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"My life was being destroyed by fears that wouldn't allow me to leave my home. Thanks to David Knight and these incredible Hypnosis Brain Software Programs I now have new confidence, new power, a new job and a new life! This is truly remarkable. My thanks will never be enough for what you have enabled me to do."
Nicola - USA

1. The 21 Days or Less - Hypnosis E-Book
An in-depth look at the magical powers of Hypnosis

With Hypnosis, knowledge is power. People will spend thousands of pounds on their cars and yet invest very little into themselves. They spend years planning a wedding and yet spend very little time planning their future. Now it's time for you to invest a little money and a little time into yourself. The changes you start making today will be yours for the rest of your life.
Be the best that you can be with this 100 page e-book.

"My business was being destroyed by my self limiting fears and yet after following this 21 Days or Less program I am again back on track and feeling amazing The results have been incredible and I highly recommend this program ."
John - UK

2. Our Top 20 Hypnosis Downloads
As part of the 21 Days or Less Program you will receive our top 20 hypnosis downloads.
20 Hypnosis Audio Downloads to blast through limiting beliefs allowing you to break through only negative programs and take control of your future.

+ 3 Extra Powerful Health .MP3 Downloads

Pure Relaxation
The Head Cleaner
Energy Boost
Stress Management
Sleep Well
Remove Addictions
Destroy Fears
Stop Worrying
Panic Attacks
Confidence Boost

The Power to Visualise
Attract Success
Positive Thinking
Positive Changes
Self Sabotage
Public Speaking
Memory Enhancement
Stage Confidence
Positive Winning Attitude
Perfect Health

"I have used a big range of this audio along with the affirmations from confidence to weight loss to stress management. I listen to them all on a regular basis and my life has been completely turned around. Healthier, happier, slimmer and more confident thanks to David Knight and his team. Thank you so much."
Lynda - UK

3. The Coaching Support Program
Through the power of Facebook David Knight will be there to guide and support you every step of the way. Never underestimate the power of a coach that will make you accountable for change. Often we do not have people around us who support and encourage us to perform at our best. Less than 5% of people set goals and out of those that do over 50% fail.
The statistics show that with a life coach encouraging and guiding you the chances of you succeeding at your goals increase to over 90%. Game on!

"I've been using several of your hypnotism audios over the past few weeks and the results have greatly exceeded my expectations. I've already been able to make several important changes which would not have happened without the audio, your encouragement and support."
Dawn - Canada

Order and Download Now and Save a Massive 66%
Order online below with pay pal or credit/debit card and you can download the e-book and 23 hypnosis downloads instantly. We recommend downloading the e-book and audio onto a computer first but they can be then transferred to smart tablets and smart phones.

"Thank you for your 21 Days or Less e-book and audio program. I have been using the audio and affirmations for pain relief and today I am in less pain than I have been in for the past 22 years. This program has been so valuable and has changed my life, thank you."
Bill - USA

There are 3 parts to understand so here we go

1. First, your subconscious mind does not question or judge it only does as it is told. So breaking habits is easy, all we need to do is to access the subconscious mind. This subconscious mind is like a hard drive on a computer, it stores all the information of your life! It is if you like, your character. So the first job when using self hypnosis is to access this hard drive and change the program. Simple! So, if you want to stop smoking for example simply tell the subconscious mind that you do not smoke and the changes have been made.

2. Second, you gain access to the subconscious mind through relaxation. Just before you drift off to sleep your brain frequency has changed enough for you to re-programme your mind through the power of your own thought or by spoken word. i.e. a Hypnotist. The brain frequency will change as you relax from a waking frequency of Beta to a relaxing frequency of Alpha, Delta and the Theta as you drift into deep sleep. The secret to hypnotic programming is to present powerful suggestions to the subconscious mind as you drift into the perfect level of hypnotic relaxation which in most cases is the Alpha wave.

3. Third, once you are in the perfect level of brain wave you then need to know the right words to present to your subconscious mind to achieve the best results as quickly as possible. Sounds quite complex doesn't it? Well not any longer, this Mind Manual will quickly and easy show you the secrets of success with the unique power of SMARTER Brainwaves! This is about to get very, very exciting.
Epigenetics shows us that your mind can physically change your genes to create better health!

The Power of Self Hypnosis

Your conscious mind is very busy dealing with over 60,00 thoughts every day and yet the ultimate power of change is hidden within the subconscious mind. We consciously make decisions all day long and yet the decisions that we make tend to be based on information and knowledge we hold from the past. This makes changes difficult. Now through the power of self hypnosis we can blast through blocks that have previously held us back allowing us to create a new and different future.

We know that hypnosis can unlock the power of your full potential and yet so few people choose to take positive steps to make changes. I guess sometimes it is just easier to do the same old stuff rather than to decide to take control of the future. If you are already using hypnosis downloads or hypnosis CDs then this self hypnosis ebook will give you more knowledge to allow you to make positive changes in your life. Hypnosis works better when you understand how to use it.

Mind Power For Health
You can use self hypnosis to make changes in all areas of your life. Firstly you can begin to create better health. Health is very often a state of mind. Believe that you will be well and state of mind will create well being. Even serious cases of illness can often be cured by the power of positive thought.

New with this 21 Days or Less Program comes 3 new Quantum Mind Code Health Downloads. We know we can alter are genetic expression through the power of thought and relaxation and so now we have new power to improve health, break stress and reduce pain.

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Live a healthier and stronger life. Learn to destroy stress, remove disease from your thoughts, learn to relax, unwind and break stress for good.

Mind Power For Sports
Self hypnosis and visualisation is massive in sports with most top professional sports people using the power of the mind to excel in their chosen sport. Sports people know that a winning attitude can help create their perfect game, no matter what sport.

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Take control of your sport and become a master, learn to focus, discover how to create the winning mind set and the attitude for success. With this course you will learn the secrets used by the sports masters! The secrets they don't want you to know!

Mind Power For Business
In business we can create a future of dreams if we believe that we can.
Today money surrounds us and yet for some people it still seems just slightly out of reach. Today we should all be living a life of abundance and this self hypnosis program will teach you how. Learn to develop a mind set which will allow you great luxuries in life. Create and build a safe home for yourself and your family.
You will be amazed at how quickly you can achieve your goals and dreams. You deserve the luxuries that life can offer. Life is so short and we must all make the very best from the cards that we have been dealt. Learn to use the power of your subconscious mind and you will control your financial future! Become more confident and positive.
Let the power of self hypnosis show you how you can give the perfect presentation or speech. Remove negative blocks that hold you back and create a new positive winning attitude in all situations.

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Now with the power of self hypnosis you can create positive situations that will help you achieve goals and targets faster! Be the very best that you can and then enjoy the rewards that will come your way. Create a positive future for yourself and those around you.

Mind Power For Relationships
Unlock the secrets of the perfect loving relationship with your partner and family. Maybe in the past relationships haven't been the easiest thing for you to deal with.

Today life can be so stressful sometimes it can be hard to achieve the perfect winning balance of spending time working and time with those that we love. Now the power of self hypnosis will allow you to create a perfect future of health, wealth and love. In your personal life you can use the power of self hypnosis to achieve more with your loved ones. All forms of sexual problems can also be helped and overcome with the power of your mind.

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If it's in your mind, self hypnosis will help you change it. Break old habits and create positive new ones. Create a life of love with your partner, family and those around you that you care for.

After following the course material you will have all that you need to achieve and master the art of self hypnosis. You can use the power of your subconscious mind to make your thoughts positive in whatever you wish to achieve.

So whatever you want to do, get the power of your subconscious mind on your side! Make weight loss easy, stop smoking right now, make your mind positive and fill yourself with determination. Have the confidence to succeed and get that promotion you deserve. Write and present speeches easily, prepare and give presentations with confidence and authority. Remove boundaries, fears and phobias with ease and blast through previous walls that have held you back and restricted you in life.
Now its time to take control of your future and to start dreaming again.

1. Hypnosis E-Book
2. Top 20 Hypnosis Downloads
3. FaceBook Support

Guaranteed or Your Money Back

Order today and receive a
50% discount
Priced normally at £200 but today just £100

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1. Hypnosis E-Book
2. Top 20 Hypnosis Downloads
3. FaceBook Support

Guaranteed or Your Money Back

Order today and receive a
50% discount
Priced normally at £200 but today just £100

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