Rapid Induction Training

The Most Powerful Hypnosis Training in the UK

(Not Currently Available)

Would you like to know the secrets to Rapid Hypnotic Inductions?
Learn the True Secrets of Speed Hypnosis Inductions.

Discover the secrets to the worlds fastest and most powerful inductions for your hypnotherapy business, all with the back up and support of the UK's leading hypnosis organisation, The Hypnosis Circle.

This has to be one of the greatest opportunities ever in the world of Hypnosis.

100 Page Manual
Two Days of Training 2018

2018 hosts the most powerful hypnosis training days available here in the UK.

Only 12 people on the course.

Order the course and begin studying today.

Hypnosis Convention

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David Knight.
World Class Master Hypnotist

Over 30 years of professional experience makes David Knight one of the most successful and sought after Hypnotists available today.

David Knight has performed his hypnotic show, hypnosis seminars and training in 48 countries around the world.

Corporate / Theatre / Cruise Ships / Seminars / Training

The 2 Days Rapid Inductions Training includes
Power Hypnosis Secrets
Rapid Inductions
Speed Inductions
Instant inductions
The Worlds Fastest Inductions
Street Hypnosis

Course Trainer - David Knight - The Worlds Fastest Hypnotist
Train in the safe hands of Master Hypnotist and Trainer David Knight. David Knight is one of the most sought after Hypnotists worldwide. David has performed his hypnotic laughter show over 6,000 times around the world, hypnotising over 100,000 people. With over 30 years of experience and with support from The British Academy of Hypnosis this is without question the most professional and powerful training courses worldwide.

The Training Experience
Enjoy the wonderful training experience at our training hotel in the beautiful surroundings of the market town of Northallerton in North Yorkshire. Bring your partner to enjoy the full training and relaxing experience.

Order Today and Download The Training Manual Now
Order the course today and download the training manual now.

Study the training manual before attending the included 2 days of training.

The Training Location

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Join us on this training program and you will join us for 2 powerful days of learning and enjoy a nights luxury stay in The Golden Lion Hotel in the quaint market town of Northallerton, North Yorkshire.

Your night hotel stay will include a first class breakfast and lunch included in the course price.

Training Day 1
Today you will discover the secrets to the subconscious mind!
Learn the power of hypnotic suggestion
Discover the 9 secret keys to hypnosis
Stage Hypnosis suggestibility
The power of persuasion only known by Stage Hypnotists

Training Day 2
Power inductions
Speed and Instant inductions
Fallback Inductions
Rapid Hypnosis Deepens
Learn the worlds fastest induction!
STREET Hypnosis!!

The 2 day training is only available to 12 delegates.
Place your deposit here today to secure your position on the UKs most powerful training program.

Normal Price £1,584.00 Secure today for only £784.00

Your Success Guaranteed!
On the Sunday you will be filmed performing Street Hypnosis!
You will have the footage to take away with you!

Rapid Induction Course Suitability
This power hypnosis training day is suitable for anyone with a keen interest in learning the secrets to fast hypnotic inductions whether you want to use these inductions for Stage Hypnosis or Hypnotherapy. Perfect for Hypnotherapists who wish to learn the secrets of the most powerful hypnotic inductions and deepeners!

The most powerful hypnotic techniques in the world.

Limited to 6 places.
Course Price £784.

Now available in 4 payments of £196.

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